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Pricing and packages

1-2-1 consultation- 1st session £65 - 90 mins 
This is a longer session to get to know you and your dog and understand your dog's needs, following this 1st consultation you have the option to pay-as-you-go or take out one of our excellent value packages below.

Follow up session- £55-  60mins 

 Puppy or new dog package - £259*Includes free gift Book ‘Easy peasy puppy squeezy’ by Steve Mann (IMDT founder)

This package is ideal for new dog owners, whether a new puppy or older rescue dog coming into the home. We cover all the basics behaviours plus look at building relationship, communication and confidence between you and your new dog and address any struggles you may come across. You have the option of added support through WhatsApp messaging in between sessions.

5x 60mins sessions at home or at suitable outdoor training location, sessions must be used within 16 weeks of booking and payment.

Quick Start package- £139

3 x sessions of 50mins  either at home, or at a suitable outdoor training location (by arrangement) sessions must be used within a 12 week period from date of booking and payment.

Calm Confident Canine £139

This package focuses on training games and enrichment that will help your dog learn to be calm in the house, build confidence and calmness out on walks, with other dogs and people, great for dogs that are stressed or anxious.

3x sessions of 50mins at home or at suitable training venue. Sessions must be used with 16 weeks of booking and payment

Rapid recallers £139

Need to supercharge your dogs’ recall? If so this is the package for you! Become a recall master with easy to follow games to supercharge your dogs desire to come back in all environments and with any distractions- this package will include one session at home to get your foundation skills and then we will take it out and about with two follow up sessions in a suitable outdoor setting to build confidence and resilience in your dogs skills. Total of 3x sessions of 50mins- to be used within 16 weeks of booking and payment

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