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'What's the difference between a know it all and a true expert? An expert is someone who never stops learning'- world class dog trainer and agility champion Susan Garret

This statement really sums up my philosophy in my dog training practice, since 2007 when I began working with dogs as a professional groomer I have learnt so much from each dog I work with and they have shaped the learning path I have followed because of the challenges they brought to my work. 

I began working as a groomer initially but quickly realised that being able to do a decent haircut was only a small part of the picture, my canine clients needed me to learn their language, how to understand their emotional responses to what I was doing and how to adapt my approach to make grooming a more positive experience for them. I had learnt some Tellington touch method at this point and found it helpful but there were still many dogs arriving at my door who were extremely uncomfortable with the grooming process, often fearful, anxious and in some cases reactive because of that fear. 

To help these dogs I finished my practitioner training to enable me to instruct and use Tellington touch method, this incorporates slow groundwork exercises and hands on bodywork to assist the dog in releasing stress and tension and improving posture and balance, thus helping the dog reach a more balanced and positive mindset. 

Tellington touch led me to become quite immersed in learning to understand and interpret canine body language, communication and behavioural science.

Since then I have undertaken varied training courses with the IMDT, Dog Training college and other workshops and online courses. I am also very excited to be currently working through Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer and Pro Dog Trainer geek which uses game based concept training to help dogs with a wide and varied range of issues.

My approach to dog training is truly a holistic one, I look at all aspects of the dogs lifestyle, health and wellbeing to help give owners the skills to understand and shape the behaviour changes they feel they need for a strong, positive relationship and happy, confident canine. 

2008- 2010- Practitioner Training Tellington Touch  level P1 

2017- IMDT Career as a Dog Trainer in person course

2018- The Human- Dog Relationship and Separation anxiety- Daniel Mills BVSc- one day workshop

            Canine Wellness and balanced behaviours- Dr Isla Fishburn- one day workshop

            Reactivity in dogs- Dr Helen Zulch- one day workshop

             IMDT - 4 Day practical Instructors Course 

2019- Reactive Rascals- Dog Training College one day workshop

            IMDT Happy Recallers one day workshop

            IMDT Loose Leaders one day workshop

            IMDT Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation one day workshop

            IMDT Perfect Puppy Foundations one day workshop

            Holistic Veterinary Medicine for Sporting and Working Dogs- Dr Nick Thompson one day workshop

            Canine Body Language- Dog Training College one day workshop

Passed IMDT membership Assessment with Merit.

2020- Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer and Pro Dog Trainer Geek ( behaviour course) started.


             Dog Training College- online training workshops attended- 

                                                             Your end of the lead- Janet Finlay

                                                             Understanding back-chaining- Linda Ryan

                                                             The 'f' word- understanding frustration- Susan Garrett 

                                                             Anticipatory behaviour skills- Kay Attwood

                Susan Garrett's Homeschool the Dog- Games based online course.

2021- Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer completed and Assessment Passed




My CV so far!

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