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Who's Millie??

back and white cocker spaniel, millie and sue training together

'What's the difference between a know it all and a true expert? An expert is someone who never stops learning'- Susan Garret- world class dog trainer and agility champion

Millie really was the inspiration for my starting my journey as a dog trainer and all round dog geek- she was my first spaniel and was pretty fab but did have some worries with loud noises and also could be an anxious soul, so in looking for tools to help her I first came across Tellington T Touch, I was blown away!! With just a few sessions of bodywork she slept through the next fireworks night and I was just amazed! This inspired me to train as a practitioner and start teaching others about this gentle no-force approach to training and handling concerns. It combines so well with other positive dog training modalities and is particularly useful in helping dogs with reactivity on lead, handling and grooming concerns and also with rehabilitation and support for dogs that are recovering from injury or surgery, or just struggling with old age related conditions such as arthritis.

I became an accredited member of the IMDT in 2019 after undertaking various in person and online trainings with IMDT and Dog Training College (DTC) and since then have gone on to complete Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer programme and also the Pro Dog Trainer Geek programme which delves much deeper into canine behaviour and up-to-date canine neuroscience. I addition to this I have lifetime membership to DTC online programmes and am constantly expanding my skills and knowledge.

In 2022/23 I have been able to use my broad training knowledge to help clients of PAWSABLE a charity that help dog owners train their dogs to become assistance support dogs for autistic children and adults, which I have found very rewarding. 

My real passion since doing the Pro Dog Trainer programme is to grow understanding and awareness of concept dog training, helping owners to grow deeper understanding of their dogs behaviour and communication. This builds amazing dog-owner partnerships and enables owners to conquer behaviour challenges and struggles using fun, rewarding and effective training methods

My CV so far!

2008- 2010- Practitioner Training Tellington Touch  level P1 

2017- IMDT Career as a Dog Trainer in person course

2018- The Human- Dog Relationship and Separation anxiety- Daniel Mills BVSc- one day workshop

            Canine Wellness and balanced behaviours- Dr Isla Fishburn- one day workshop

            Reactivity in dogs- Dr Helen Zulch- one day workshop

             IMDT - 4 Day practical Instructors Course 

2019- Reactive Rascals- Dog Training College one day workshop

            IMDT Happy Recallers one day workshop

            IMDT Loose Leaders one day workshop

            IMDT Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation one day workshop

            IMDT Perfect Puppy Foundations one day workshop

            Holistic Veterinary Medicine for Sporting and Working Dogs- Dr Nick Thompson                  one day workshop

            Canine Body Language- Dog Training College one day workshop

Passed IMDT membership Assessment with Merit.

2020- Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer and Pro Dog Trainer Geek ( behaviour course) started.


             Dog Training College- online training workshops attended- 

                                                             Your end of the lead- Janet Finlay

                                                             Understanding back-chaining- Linda Ryan

                                                             The 'f' word- understanding frustration- Susan Garrett 

                                                             Anticipatory behaviour skills- Kay Attwood

                Susan Garrett's Home school the Dog- Games based online course.

2021- Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer completed and Assessment Passed

2022-Absolute Dogs Pro Dog trainer Geek completed and assessment passed

2023- Behavet Separation Related Behaviours- group consults

            Pet Summits Out of control dogs reactivity workshop

            Helping dogs in difficulties- Dr Clive Wynne (DTC)

            Blind dog awareness- Jade Brooks (DTC)

            Recall Masters- Kay Atwood

            Early recognition of pain- Hannah Capon (Canine Arthritis Management) 

            Real Dog Yoga- Toni Shelbourne (DTC)





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