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Puppy training- A whole dog approach

A brand new puppy is such a beautiful thing- but where to start with training?? With a blank canvas to work with what are the most important things your new pup needs to learn?

cute back and tan cocker spaniel puppy

Training for life!

Most dog trainers will focus on the basics first, and rightly so, toilet training, bed training, sits, downs, stays all really great and essential life skills. However a holistic, concept based approach goes a bit deeper.

For me puppy priorities are building confidence, growing calmness and most importantly guiding owners through simple relationship games that will make sure from the start you and your pup have a great partnership, shaped on trust, communication and safety. 

Sounds a bit woo woo?? How do you go about training stuff like that ??

Using fun, easy to implement games we start to shape the dogs brain using rewards (usually food) to help build value in physical proximity ( being close to us), grow confidence with problem solving games and shape value in calmness with boundary games, food enrichment activities and impulse control games. 

By using this approach all the other life basics like recall, loose lead, settle training and general obedience skills come so easily and are fun and joyful to train because we shape a dog who loves to learn from DAY ONE!



Buying a package to get your puppy started off in the best possible way not only saves you money but guarantees continuity  and you'll get added support through WhatsApp in between your in-person sessions in case of any 'puppy emergencies' or any worries in the early months. My aim is to ensure you feel supported and educated to ensure the best choices for your pup from Day 1.

If you are new to having a dog entirely, we recommend for optimum success a home visit before your pup comes home to help you get set up for success from the get go.

5 x 1-2-1 at home sessions - 60 mins each 

£259- sessions expire 16 weeks after payment and booking

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