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Upcoming Classes and Courses

Life skills Dog Training Classes 

Deepcut Village Community Centre

All Ages welcome-

Thursday evenings 5.15-6pm 

Puppies& adolescents

Thursday evenings 4-4.45pm

next term commencing Thurs 13th June

6 Week course for £130

Training for confidence, calmness and focus

Grow your dog's skills for life, using fun, easy to follow training games, build confidence, grow calmness and control using positive, science backed training methods-

for dogs of all ages and abilities!

You will learn-

Recall games

Loose lead and focus games

Impulse control training

Confidence and calmness training including boundary games (bed or settle training) to help anxious, nervous or over-excitable dogs

Enrichment and scent games to grow confidence and optimism.

Also you will learn how your dogs' brains grow and learn, about body language and communication between dogs and how to use game based training to manage stress and over-excitement. 

We also look at how training translate in the real world and what you can do if it goes wrong!

Click on the QR code below to register your interest or send me a Whats App or text message to 07773968762 or email me below

More dates and class times being added soon- click on QR code to register your interest. 

Frequently asked questions-

Can my dog attend class if they are nervous around other dogs or people?

Yes! my classes are tailored to really focus the dogs on quality learning with their owners- class participants will have their own area to work in and dogs will have space around them so they are set up for success. Calming activities are practised throughout our class so that your dog has the opportunity to relax and refocus if they need a break. If you wish to socialise with other class participants you are welcome to do so before or after class if its appropriate for your dog. Your dog will not be handled by anyone other than you, the most important goal is that you and your dog have a fun and fruitful session together and get the opportunity to practise your skills around other dogs and people with the support of an experienced trainer. 

Please contact us for a free call if you are unsure about your dog's suitability for classes- we will be happy to chat through any concerns or struggles you may be having.

Why are the classes only 45 minutes?

Dogs learn best in short but regular training sessions, the activities we cover in class will build your dogs skills and give you a toolbox of games to play at home- typically taking just a few minutes each time you play. building these games into your dog's daily routine is where the magic really happens and you see meaningful changes in your dog's behaviour. Each week you will cover at least 3 different games and also a lesson into how your dog's brain works, why we train the games and how to apply them in real life situations, so you will have a good understanding at the end of the course as to how to use the different games to grow the skills when you are not in a class setting. prepare to have a very tired dog on training days- working their brains this way will wear them out far more than any amount of walkies! 

What do I need to bring to class?

Most of the equipment that we may use will be provided for you each week, however we do require you to bring your dog wearing a well- fitting harness, lead and if possible an easy access treat pouch for your food rewards so you are set up for success from the start. You will receive a confirmation email following booking that will give you all the information you need to ensure you can hit the ground running on your first class.

What if I can't remember how to play the games when I get home?

You will receive a handout each week outlining the games we have covered and any other useful information we have covered so you can build a library of games to refer back to after your course has finished. Also for the duration of the course you will have the added support of a dedicated WhatsApp group where you can share your training wins, troubleshoot and get to know your classmates. 

My dog is loving the classes and the learning- what happens when the course is finished? How do i keep growing my dog's skills?

After your course has finished you will be kept up to date on future courses that may continue to develop your skills. If you have a particular area of interest eg scent work, T touch training please ley us know as we can keep you update on courses and workshops that may be of interest to you.

How many dogs are in the class- I don't want my dog getting bored if you are helping someone else?

My classes are kept to a small group of maximum 6 participants, this is to ensure each person and their dog has ample space to work their dog and has support and guidance when needed so each participant gets the most out if their time.

My dog barks a lot- I am worried about distracting the other dogs and people? 

A big part of our life skills classes focuses on growing your dog's ability to be calm and confident even when there are distractions around, so do not feel nervous or embarrassed if your dog can be vocal, this is very normal and there will be practical tools and training games to help manage this and grow a calmer picture going forward. Each participant will have their own focus and struggles to work on so it is important to focus on your dogs growth and progress rather than worry about what the others may be doing, all exercises will be adapted to suit each dog's level of learning and their needs so they get maximum benefit from the class.

What happens if I cannot attend one week?

If for any reason you are unable to attend one week please let us know as soon as possible. You will be sent the class handouts so you can catch up on what was covered and if appropriate you may access a training video of the games we covered on the WhatsApp group. Where possible please make sure you are available to attend all the classes so you can ensure you get the most out of the course and have continuity throughout. 

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