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Me and my training approach

Millie's dog training offers a range of dog training services, from 1-2-1 training sessions to help with common training and behaviour issues, to group classes for puppy and adult dogs to develop their skills in a fun supportive environment. I also offer 1-2-1 Tellington T Touch training which can help dogs with many issues, including noise reactivity, fear and anxiety issues, mobility issues and handling concerns. 

I also offer 1-2-1 specialist training for dogs who struggle with fear or anxiety at the grooming parlour or at the vets. As I am also a qualified groomer and spent many years running a busy salon prior to building my training business I am very aware of the difficulties many dogs have in the grooming environment and can offer bespoke training packages where I work closely with your groomer and the dog owners to help build positive associations with the grooming process and build confidence. These packages are tailored to each individual dog so vary in price and duration. Please get in touch if you would like a free telephone assessment to see if we can help you and your dog. 

I am a positive, reward based trainer who is a proud member of the IMDT since 2018, I advocate science-based training which focuses on developing good communication, positive relationship and essential life skills for happy, calm, confident dogs.




Tellington T Touch is a gentle, force free approach to training, handling and rehabilitation. Incorporating light touch bodywork and slow, low impact agility exercises that help the dog release tension, build better body awareness, improve posture and movement. 

T touch helps the dog develop calmer and more considered responses to stimuli and behave in a more thoughtful and controlled way so can help with a variety of training and behaviour issues.

FROM £25 per hour


Building good foundation skills when your dog is young is essential in enabling your puppy to grow into a happy, confident dog and build the best relationship between you and your dog. Our puppy classes focus on teaching you and your puppy the essential life skills to do this and set you up for success in any further training you go on to do with your dog. 

FROM £ 15 per hour


1-2-1 training sessions can be useful in dealing with a range of common training and behaviour issues. A tailored training plan will be agreed to help you and your dog overcome whatever challenges you may be dealing with and ongoing telephone and email support throughout your training programme.

Also I offer classes and workshops to develop skills, and build a fun and positive relationship between you and your dog.

FROM £15 per hour


As a qualified groomer I am also able to help with any grooming difficulties you may be having and also can arrange puppy visits for dogs new to the grooming process. I combine grooming with positive training methods and Tellington T touch to build good associations with the grooming experience.

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Millie's Dog Grooming.


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